Shifting Perspectives: Embracing Quality for True Health and Wellness

So many people equate health to weight. So they start eating less and exercising more – using QUANTITY as their main focus.

I’ve been there…

Excess weight is a symptom of “unhealthy”. And although nutrition and movement are two components of health and wellness, they aren’t everything. Are you breathing in clean air and detoxing properly? Are you getting adequate sleep and relaxation? How is your mindset? What about your social support and connections?

All of these aspects play an important role in your “health” and if they are not in BALANCE, disease and excess weight will creep in.

This is why so many new year’s resolutions go unmet – Quantity is valued more than Quality and therefore not treating the root cause of your issues.

If you shift your perspective and start focusing on the QUALITY of your life/health, vs. the quantity, things will start changing and the excess weight will come off naturally.

I encourage everyone to look at their own pillars of health (nutrition, mindset, movement, detox, & rest/relaxation) to see what might be out of balance. If you’re stuck and need some guidance, reach out and let’s chat!

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